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Découvrez le Karsai : Un Traitement Traditionnel pour le Bien-Être Masculin

  • What does the "Wellness subscription" entail?
    1) The provision of vital care (please read below for the three questions: a. What is the difference between an assessment visit and a teleconsultation? b. Why do we monitor your vital signs? c. What are the vital signs? 2) Medical inquiry about the progression of your health. 3) Medical monitoring of your health.
  • Can the 'Wellness subscription' be delivered at home?
    Yes, without any problem, but transportation costs will need to be added to the monthly subscription fee. These costs will be calculated based on the distance from your home.
  • What is the difference between an assessment visit and a teleconsultation?
    During an assessment visit, the nurse will analyze your symptoms and take your vital signs. Depending on the results of the medical assessment, your medical file will be sent to the doctor so that a teleconsultation appointment can be scheduled. Each teleconsultation will be chargeable but reimbursable by your health insurance according to the price of the contract you have signed.
  • Why track your vital signs?
    During the assessment visit, the nurse checks your pulse, blood oxygen levels, respiratory rate, blood pressure and temperature to know your overall health. If you are hospitalized, these vital signs are continuously monitored to track your progress during your hospital stay. Establishing your personal baselines will help you understand and detect sudden changes or gradual improvements in your health.
  • What are the vital signs?
    Your vital signs tell you about your overall health. Their regular monitoring allows you to establish your personal reference values for heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature, blood pressure and oximetry. There are five of them: 1) HEART RATE 2) RESPIRATORY FREQUENCY 3) TEMPERATURE 4) BLOOD PRESSURE 5) OXIMETRY
  • Is the number of assessment visits limited?
    The number of assessment visits is accessible by appointment, at any time during the opening hours of the Medical Angels clinic, subject to reasonable use (Consult the T & Cs for more details)
  • Can the teleconsultation give rise to a medical prescription?
    The doctor may be required to prescribe a prescription following the teleconsultation if this seems justified to him, while respecting his professional independence.
  • Following a first teleconsultation, is it possible to exchange again with the same doctor?
    We do our best to maintain privileged ties with the doctors with whom we cooperate in order to ensure continuity of care, but the doctor may be absent or on leave.
  • How to contact our teleconsultation service?
    Contact the priority phone number given to you when you joined
  • What happens if the medical specialty sought is not available for my teleconsultation?
    If the medical specialty you are looking for is not available, we will refer you to a general practitioner
  • How do I renew or cancel my monthly subscription?
    Your monthly subscription is automatically renewed but you can cancel it at any time. Each month started will be due.
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